band lineup

Lainey - lead vocals
Having the ability to make each song her own, Lainey puts the 'Smooth' into Soul and the 'Cool' into Blues. Lainey is a vocalist who sings with passion and commitment that reaches out to everyone who comes to hear her and must not be missed. Lainey has appeared alongside 'The Heroes' in the USA and Music Festivals in Europe and is often asked to guest alongside other bands and artists.
Teggs - vocal
Whilst studying music performance at Reading college, Teggs has been performing in pubs, competitions and community festivals. Having a passion for music has always driven her to perform and entertain. Soul, Funk and Blues were her first love growing up, the passion of which reflects in her songs.
Neil - lead guitar
Neil has been playing guitar in various band for a number of years. With a versatile style he can take you on a journey from Mototown to Funk via SRV.
Derek - drummer
Leaving behind the role of Principle Percussionist in a leading English Brass Band, MOJO's very own answer to 'Animal' has played with a number of groups across the Home Counties and has undertaken session work with up and coming artists at EMI studios in London. Derek's work with such stars as Phil Collins, Elvis and Bruce Springsteen is only eclipsed by his ability to be a compulsive liar!!
Greg - keyboard
Greg is a wizard on the keyboard - both piano and computer (he is in charge of the MOJO web site). Greg completes the solid rhythm section of MOJO. Whether it's a funky rhodes sound or a pure boogie and blues piano solo or a soulful Hammond backing needed, his multi-keyboard rig will do the job. And if you ask him nicely he'll knock up a web page for you in the interval as well !
Dom - bass
Some people say his neck is made entirely of Carbon Fibre and that in a certain light he glows blue (or that could just be his Bass). This exciting funk/rock style influenced player's jumping bass licks will have you up out of your seat and heading for the dance floor. Dom is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and is just as happy filling the bass chair in the orchestra pit for a musical as he is covering the songs of his favorite players such as Flea (Chilli Peppers), Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai) and Dirk Lance (Incubus). Dom uses: Modulus Flea Bass, Fender Jazz Bass and Gallien-Krueger Amps.
Tim - saxophone
Tim is part of MOJO’s excellent vibrant horn section playing Alto saxophone. If you’re lucky, you’ll see him throw some awesome dance moves throughout a gig (makes no difference to us whether he moves to the rhythm or not - We love him anyway!). In addition to his escapades with MOJO, Tim can occasionally be seen out in the bars and clubs of Berkshire with an acoustic guitar performing as a solo singer songwriter as well as singing in local Theatres with Cloudglider, a vocal coaching and musical production company.
Rhona - saxohpone
After studying music at Southamptom Unversity, Rhona's passion for music took her travelling worldwide on cruise ships playing both reeds and flute, leading to her playing in a Sydney based band as well as teaching in Taiwan. Rhona's playing adds amazing punch and drive to the MOJO horns and her solo's will keep the audience bopping to the sound of pure soul.