Q: What services can you offer and how much do you charge?
A: We are a nine piece band based in Berkshire and use Musician Union approved rates as a starting point in setting our prices. We usually do a selection of songs from the song list and plan to do two sets of about 45 to 50 mins each. We are able to build a package for your evening to include your first dance, dinner music, a magician for close up magic at your table, as well as the addition of a professional and experienced DJ to complete your evening and dancing should you need that. Contact us now for a quote and to secure your party booking!
Q: How much space do you need?
A: Wembley would be great but any venue that can host a 100 covers event such as a wedding is going to have an area that we can fit into. As a nine piece band we've been able to fill a large stage in a leisure centre for a 500 seat charity gig comfortably and look amazing. At small pubs and RAF bases we've even played outside and in those circumstances require rain cover protection. Ideally, we need a space about 20ft by 10ft or 6m by 3m but we are also quite good at arranging ourselves into smaller areas if needed. A pre-show visit would be needed to check the venue.
Q: Do you need a stage?
A: A raised stage is ideal if possible as you get a better view of the band so it makes for a better evening but is not essential.
Q: Do you need a PA and lighting?
A: We supply our own high quality PA and some lighting which is good for 99% of all venues when coupled with the house lighting. For a larger show we may need to hire in a larger system, lighting and sound engineer which would be built into your quote. We've also played and worked with resident sound engineers at venues.
Q: What about power?
A: Ideally, we would need as a minimum a double socket at either side of the stage. Our equipment has been UK PAC tested. We also have public liability insurance through the Musician's Union, two essentials for playing at most wedding venues in hotels.
Q: What about gig access and parking?
A: We need to be able to park outside the venue at least while unloading the equipment and would need parking for up to nine vehicles.
Q: What about food and drink?
A: Generally, we aren't going to be drinking much alcohol as we will all be driving. For the larger functions where there is catering on site it's appreciated if there is some food available for the band especially if it's a longer time period with an earlier start or later finish.